what, HOW, WHY?

All good questions, but to be honest, I’m not sure yet.
You can see some of my superhero goals here.

My Wild Mynd is on a journey, whose purpose will reveal itself along the way. For now, I know that its main mission is to give back to the world through creativity and insight, and somehow make lasting positive changes in my various areas of interest, which are
• Health & Wellbeing,
  (particularly mental health, stress and anxiety and PTSD)
• Creativity for Health,
• Empowering Youth,
• Closing the Gap and Reconciliation,
• Neuroscience and
• Meditation

I hope to do this in a fun but evidence-based way. With your help, I plan to create educational tools that empower and encourage lasting positive change and wellbeing for individuals and society.

Wild Mynd… CAN I SPELL?

Well no, but the reason for the typo is this:
When it comes to the mind – Y is more important than I.
Non-judgemental curiosity and critical thinking need to overpower the ego for lasting positive change to happen.
The first step starts with me (it’s a note to self), and the second step starts with you.

Plant seeds, not weeds. What you feed succeeds.