in a nutshell

INVENTING the future

This particular Wild Mynd belongs to me, Hazel Wallace.

Chapter 1 of my life is a whole other story.
Chapter 2 of my life has been 27 years of problem-solving missions as a superhero graphic designer, constantly conjuring up creative solutions. No business has been too big or too small.

Chapter 3 has just begun, as I take on university and cultivate a new story with curiosity. Mission 1: find my tribe and thrive. Mission 2: find inspiration, connect and collaborate. Mission 3: do some good in the world together. Mission 4: grow authentically and creatively.

I am interested in what makes people tick and what holds them back (including myself). I like to learn, connect and share. My future lies in evidence-based promotion and education for wellbeing and positive change. I don’t exactly know what this looks like yet, but I am excited. If it’s part of your mission too, please get in touch.

Particular areas of interest:
• Health & Wellbeing,
  (particularly mental health, stress and anxiety and PTSD)
• Creativity for Health,
• Empowering Youth,
• Closing the Gap and Reconciliation,
• Neuroscience and
• Meditation