Graphic design projects

I’ll be adding to this portfolio, but a lot of my design work was produced for an agency who’ve asked me not to display it, so please contact me directly for anything additional.


Branding & Design

All of the following examples were new businesses with no existing branding. All elements were produced in collaboration with the client to develop something unique that represented each business and speak to their target audience

Illustration & Sketches

Illustration is something I don’t do enough of. Feel free to set me a challenge!


There are all taken from my iPhone and more for fun than anything, but I do have all my own professional gear and will add some additional images soon.


Art 4 Fun

I love drawing but hardly ever do it. Some of these were done years ago. My drawers are full of expensive art equipment. Send me a challenge. I definitely plan to do something with my superheroes/baddies in the near future.