A lot of my previous clients and colleagues have remained friends. I’m not great at selling myself, so I asked the people who know me best to say a few authentic words.

“I have known Hazel for over 8 years both professionally and personally. I can always rely on Hazel to be a little bit different to everyone else and I find this to be one of her greatest assets as it allows her to be creative, individual and interesting to be around. She is always looking for ways to improve her personal and working environment and is always willing to help others with a problem. She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure every task she takes on gets resolved in a creative, professional and enjoyable way. Hazel is a true friend with a creative personality and a love of music and photography to match. What more can you ask for.” 

Jason H, Qld

Previous Colleague

Hazel and I worked on a group project in Semester 1, 2018 at USC designing and then pitching an app that connects emerging creatives with established creatives. Her input into the creative and design context was expert; she clearly has a great deal of knowledge. Additionally, she was thorough, methodical and focused on attention to detail throughout the entire project, creating several key documents. She kept the group buzzing along and encouraged continuous communication. What we achieved together in a few short weeks was remarkable and Hazel played a leading role in that success. I would work with her again without hesitation.

Adam B, Qld

Fellow Student

Hazel is a talented Graphic Designer who exhibits sound project management skills with ability to work creatively and effectively in a team environment. As a project manager on a big budget tourism development project, in recent years, I worked with Hazel and experienced the valuable contribution and quality work that she is capable of. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hazel, in her field of expertise. She is always a pleasure to work with

David H

Previous Colleague

Hazel is one of the few graphic designers I have worked with that can; 1) Understand the clients needs 2) Produce truly creative and original designs that fit those needs 3) Produce technically excellent (print or web ready) files.

I have worked with designers who can get one or two of the above right, but getting all three is very rare. Hazel will be the first person I call next time I need a graphic designer.
Alex P, NT

Previous Colleague

“I’ve known Hazel for eleven years and have worked with her on several jobs. I’ve always found her to be an excellent person to work with; professional and well-organised, with an easy, friendly manner.  Her designs are fresh and creative, and she knows how to listen to her clients and talk them through the process of defining their needs.”

Valerie M, ACT

Previous Client

“Hazel is a talented and self-motivated creative genius. She is grounded, driven and a genuine team player with a strong work ethic who oozes creativity. During the time that I have know her she has proven to be patient, honest, compassionate and professional. She is also a great sounding board, a motivator of others and her gentle nature makes her very approachable and easy to work with. Her eye for design is first rate.”

Melissa G, Qld

Previous Colleague

“Hazel is a kind hearted, honest, genuine and hard working individual whose zest for life is uplifting and inspiring and her creative talent and expertise would undoubtedly be an asset to any business.”

Shae G, Qld

Previous Colleague

“Unique and somewhat shy as she might seem on initial impressions there is no doubt about this young lady’s potential as a person that has some of the most natural creative flair and passion I have bared witness to. She is someone that thrives on delivering excellent result, loves to learn new things, be challenged and is an all-round team player. She deserves to work for someone that will give her the autonomy, guidance and more importantly the respect that she deserves. If given any opportunity she will take it on personally and make sure the job gets done. I miss working with her!!”

David W, Vic

Previous Colleague

“I recently engaged Hazel to do some graphics for me. Hazel is great at listening to what I need as a client and capturing a feel for my business through her graphics. Her willingness to be flexible and enthusiastically meet my needs is refreshing. I highly recommend her personally and professionally.”

Rebecca S, Qld

Previous Client

I have collaborated with Hazel on many projects, and she’s always super-efficient, friendly and easy to work with. Hazel brings a fresh approach to every job she undertakes, producing brilliantly clear and contemporary designs. Her knowledge of computers and design software is encyclopaedic, she’s a natural problem solver, and I value her advice and opinions.

Mark T

Previous Colleague, UK