MYNDFUL creativity & insighT. A better life, a better world.

welcome how wild is your mynd?

Through myndful creativity, insight, and action, let’s make positive lasting change for ourselves and society, one fun mission at a time. Curious? We all have pretty wild mynds and crazy hidden superpowers. Do you understand and make the most of yours? Let’s explore them and make a difference, together.

Fun, superhero solutions for serious issues



There’s no point creating anything without first understanding why you are doing it, or measuring the results. Asking simple questions early on is invaluable.


Delivering the right message through thoughtful and credible narrative is a powerful tool. Using storytelling and curating valuable information is a great way to do this.


Design is the art of making something complicated look simple. Good design uses strategy to solve communication problems, it evokes emotion and drives behaviour.

Video & Photography

Video and photography can complement your brand’s story and engage your audience. A single image can sometimes be all you need to communicate a message.

Illustration & Animation

Not everything can be achieved with video or photography. Sometimes illustration or animation is a better way to deliver your story or information.

Learning Design

People learn in different ways and not everybody enjoys the process. That’s where learning design can help. Having a strategy helps deliver effective learning tools.


Let’s work together, or just get coffee and cake and blabber.