A letter to you : )

Hazel Wallace
AKA: Hunkydory


Holy smokes, thanks for checking me out!

A self-confessed do-gooder and wannabe superhero looking for my next mission. I’m on the lookout for opportunities to work with companies and people who are just as quirky and caring.

I’ve been in the design and print industry for more years than I like to admit, with creativity and a desire to help in my veins. A while back I thought I wanted to be a therapist and spent three years studying Counselling and a Cert IV in Training & Assessment. Mostly I’ve been craving to find a way to be creative but in a more meaningful environment. Turns out a therapist cape is not for me and I should have spent that time keeping up with the fast-paced design world. As it stands, even with 27 years of experience and a large toolbox of skills, I’m feeling a bit left behind these days; Google is my best friend!

You’ve actually caught me mid costume change (like watching superman in the telephone box), and I’m working with Alfred on some new ‘gadgets’. In plain speak, I’m half way through University studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Promotion & Communication) and adding new tools to my belt.

Aside from creativity – I have an interest in people and what makes them tick. If I am short of anything you’re looking for, I’ll add it to the top of my list.

I hope to get a call on the Batphone soon and look forward to the possibility of working with you and your squad.

Bless my dustpan
Hazel Wallace (AKA: Hunkydory)


It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me – Bruce Wayne